About Us


At chrono envy, our unrelenting passion for watches and fine jewelry is a result of 30 years of devotion and firsthand experience in the industry. At our core, we are moved by the elegance and sophistication of luxury accessories. With premier quality and personalized service in mind, we make it our utmost priority to provide the finest array of timepieces as well as antique jewelry and estate pieces. Our mission? To suit your every need without compromise.


What sets chrono envy apart is our sheer appreciation for the complex art of jewelry and watchmaking. We offer a carefully selected collection, which includes styles from Patek Philippe, Panerai, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, and more. All of our timepieces are authentic and built to last. Chrono envy houses a savvy team of niche experts with appreciation for both the technical and aesthetic details of fine jewelry and watches.


Since 1986, our family jewelers have explored a raw fascination with fine jewelry in New York’s renowned diamond district. We sought prestige and enduring value in each piece that we sold and went on to specialize in Art Deco-style antique pieces. Now, we have evolved to form chrono envy.
In the noble pursuit of providing you with the perfect luxury timepiece or jewelry, our team at chrono envy demonstrates expert skill, exquisite taste, and personalized care that is unmatched. With pride in our heritage, we assure an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.